Volunteers do not necessarily have the time.
They just have the heart.

Volunteers are indispensable for the implementation of our programmes
in order to ensure the best possible care for our children.

Where can you volunteer?

There are various programmes where you can use your unique skills and talents to support our children and staff. 

Administration Tasks

Work with our team at our offices and assist with administration tasks.

After-school Programmes

Assistance with homework, Arts and Crafts with children, Leadership programmes, Needle work for girls, Recreational programmes, Sport programmes, Spiritual programmes, Youth development programmes.


Our ability to deliver sustainable services to our children is highly dependent on the support of our community. Work with our team to raise funds, or dedicate your fundraising events to our programme.

Upgrading Building & Garden

Property constantly needs maintenance to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our children. Please contact us to learn how you can support our maintenance projects.

Become a holiday host for a child

They say we learn by example, being in a Child and Youth Care Centre, sharing a room with 14 other children in one home, is not a framework they can use to start their own family one day.

Some of our children unfortunately are not able to visit family during holidays or do not have any family left.  For children that are not able to go on holiday leave, it is extremely important for them to get the opportunity and exposure to a family system where they can learn the different roles in a family system and the functioning of a well-balanced family life.

Your purpose will be:

  • To provide a loving home for a child during a weekend or holiday.
  • To give a child an opportunity to become part of a family environment on a part-time basis.
  • To give a child an opportunity to learn about a healthy family system.
  • To give an opportunity to not become institutionalized.

How to apply.

Police Clearance

All adults on your property must apply for a Police Clearance Certificate.


Make contact with one of our social workers at Steinthal Child and Youth Care Centre.